Water damage can destroy the beauty and value of your home

At Higher Ground Rainwater Systems of Asheville, our mission is to help protect your home from any exterior water issues that could cause potential harm. In turn, we can help you harness your rainwater to work for you by offering expert rainwater harvesting and drainage solutions.

Since 2007, our team of experts has been helping your neighbors in the Asheville and surrounding areas control water, from the top of their roofs to the end of their drain lines.


About Higher Ground of Asheville

When you are experiencing water damage, or potential water damage, you need the problem solved quickly. Higher Ground Rainwater Systems of Asheville is a holistic drainage company with three teams working together to come up with the best solution for you - getting the water off your property. Our Home Services team will take care of common and seasonal issues at your home, our Gutter Installation crew will help protect your home with the best options in gutter installation and gutter protection, and our Drainage & Rainwater Management team will help harvest rainwater and remove any unwanted water on your property. No matter what the problem is, we are confident that our experienced crew members can help you care for your home. 


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