Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is one of Earth's most precious resources and soon to be one of man's most sought after commodities.  

Each year thousands of gallons of rainwater run off our rooftops and properties. Finding ways to capture that rainwater can give you a secure water source and potentially eliminate your water bill. 


How can I convert inches of rainwater into gallons of water?

Rainwater Harvesting Features and Uses

Choosing which system is right for you depends on the size of your home or business and how you wish to use your rainwater. 


Drainage Systems

Higher Ground can help repair, unclog, and install drainage systems in your yard. We use PVC piping in all installations as it is the most durable and crush-resistant option to protect your home. If you are having a problem with drainage, it is likely because you have corrugated drains. 


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