What are Drainage Systems?

Drainage Systems are simply the solutions made when standing water is found in your yard or landscape.

It is imperative to see to any standing water issues. Pools of water are not only eye sores, but they also can kill your grass and landscaping, be the source of mud tracked into your home and they attract mosquitoes and other pests into your yard. Left untreated, standing water will damage the foundation of your house and turn into a costly affair.

There are many different methods to help with drainage issues, and our Water Management team can help you find a simple and affordable solution that is also pleasing to the eye. 

Whats the difference between Corrugated and PVC Pipe?

The majority of lawn drainage issues can be traced back to corrugated pipes. Corrugated pipes are the black, ridged, flexible pipes that a lot of construction companies use because they are cheap. Because of their ridges and flexible nature, these pipes are susceptible to root intrusion, sediment build-up in the ridges, and getting crushed by the weight of landscaping. They also tend to be improperly pitched from installation, causing water to get backed up. We use PVC pipes in all of our projects because they are more durable, crush-resistant, and easily serviceable. We prime and glue every joint on our PVC so that you have solid, water-tight joints, while corrugated pipes usually snap together, not always guaranteeing a water-tight joint.