Gutter Guards



Why get Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards help prevent the buildup of debris in gutters, which in turn helps to protect the drainage and foundation of your home. While there is a common misconception that gutter guards are maintenance-free, alleviating the need for gutter cleanings, some debris will still pile up on top of the guards and need to be removed. With regular cleanings, however, you can expect that guards will help water flow down your downspouts and out the drain lines, even in very heavy rainfall. If you choose not to purchase guards and a clump of debris gets caught in your downspouts, you can expect that all rainwater will roll over your gutter, possibly damaging your foundation and parts of your roof.

What are Gutter Guards?

The best way to view a gutter guard is to imagine it is as a sort of gas gauge, trying to balance keeping debris out of the gutter while letting water in. We have seen that a lot of guards on the market tend to lean heavily toward keeping out the majority of debris. During times of heavy rain, which are lately occurring more often, these guards are often not able to capture the water they need because there is either too much debris on top of them, or because the grating is too small. Our approach is to keep the gauge in the middle. We use micro-mesh, steel-coated guards, which are much stronger than plastic guards, and their slickness encourages slide-off of debris. Our guards also lay flush with the top of your gutter and stay in place with pressure - this makes them easy to use and easy to remove for maintenance. 

What makes our Gutter Protection System different?

Our gutter protection system is constructed of galvanized steel with a black UV resistant coating. It features a diamond-shaped grid and is molded to fit inside the gutter, not under the shingles. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our systems and a maintenance plan to ensure that your gutter guards always function properly. Over the past ten years, Higher Ground has had experience removing, cleaning, or repairing every type of gutter protection system on the market. This experience has led us to these two conclusions: all gutter protection systems need periodic maintenance or they will fail, and the simplest designs have proven to be the most effective. We have designed our systems to protect your gutters from the leaves and vegetation specific to the Asheville area.

Do Gutter Guards mean no more Gutter Cleanings?

Our experience has led us to be skeptical of claims of maintenance-free gutter guards for extended periods of time. We CAN, however, guarantee the longevity of your gutters and roof if you take part in the Higher Ground scheduled maintenance plan. The ultimate advantages of gutter guards are that they allow gutters to remain uninhibited by debris for a longer period of time, and they are much more efficient than gutters alone.