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Gutter Cleaning

What are the dangers of letting gutters go uncleaned?

Water is the most important thing to take into account when trying to address issues as a homeowner. Water hits the highest point of a home, and if you don't ensure your gutters are clear and attached properly, everything below them is at risk. If gutters back up with water, homeowners can expect to pay for costly wood damage, including areas such as fascia, soffit, siding, and decks. Water also damages the foundation and landscaping. If this is not addressed properly many structural problems can occur, which are extremely expensive and time-consuming to fix. Regular gutter cleanings can be a relatively inexpensive and quick way to prevent this from happening.

Gutter Maintenance

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Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can help prevent the major clogs that can cause erosion and foundation problems on your home, as well as damage to your fascia and siding. Without guards, you may have large debris make its way down into your underground drain lines. This can potentially cost you quite a bit to dig up the yard to replace these drains. 

While it is important to note that gutter guards do not prevent the need for gutter cleanings, we want to help you be a proactive homeowner and save money in the long run. With the installation of our gutter guards you should see savings on your annual or biannual gutter cleanings, and we can actually guarantee the longevity of your gutters and roof if you take part in the Higher Ground scheduled maintenance plan. 



Gutter Repair

Not every issue with your gutter system is related to debris clogs. There are many other reasons you may see water intrusion in your home coming from the gutters. Water can find the smallest holes and lowest points, and they can leak without maintenance.

Some of the common issues we find include damage from objects like tree limbs hitting the gutter, which can cause broken brackets or dents,  causing the  water to move away from the downspout and sit in a low spot in the gutter causing a mispitch. Years of standing water in a gutter system can cause sealant to loosen, allowing water to leak at the joints. Force from objects or wind can cause a downspout to come loose and not funnel the water properly into the drain system - you might not even have an adequate number of downspouts. All of these issues can lead to water overflowing in places where you don't want it.


Fascia Repair

If your gutter issues don't get addressed soon enough you may have other major issues to address down the line. Months or years of water damage can cause your fascia, soffit, and even siding to rot. If this happens, it may be too late for the gutters, in which case you may need to remove the gutters, assess the damage, and replace the rotten wood itself. This can even affect the wood behind these boards,consisting of your sub roof and rafter tails, which could even cause you to have to replace the roof. Make sure you take care of your system and maintain it as needed - your wallet will thank you for it!

Home Inspections


Higher Ground 21 Point Inspection

The 21 Point Inspection is a reporting program that our workers use to check the entire roof, gutters, and drainage area for potential issues. With every purchase of a gutter cleaning, our Home Services crew will do a full inspection and provide details to the homeowner where applicable. Examples of specific areas we address are fascia, soffit, shingles, roof boots, sealant, pitch of gutter, drainline location and condition, and downspouts.


Roof Tune-Up

Our roof tune-up is for people who have a leak or concern on the roof. We use the same reporting practice that we do with a gutter cleaning, performing a 21 point inspection to determine what might be causing the leak. This generally includes the use of sealant and/or small shingle repair, such as pushing one to two shingles back up and nailing them in, sealing nail heads if spotted. It also allows us to provide details on further work needed like gaskets (roof boots) or gutter cleaning. 


Drainage Assessment

We utilize our years of expertise to identify potential drainage issues, along with visual verification methods such as hose work, gutter cleaning, land surveying, and snaking. In some cases, we can go ahead and fix the issue while performing our assessment. Either way you can expect a detailed estimate, with any applicable fees potentially reduced should you decide to proceed with the work.

Power Washing and Window Washing 

Another way that Higher Ground protects your home from water damage is through our power and window washing program. Let us do the work so that your home or business remains pristine and welcoming.  


We're Here to Help


Why treat for carpenter bees and woodpeckers?

Carpenter bees and woodpeckers can damage your home in a way that sometimes causes cosmetic concerns, but they also potentially can cause real damage. Carpenter bees can bore small holes into fascia, soffit, and sometimes siding, and once they have nested in the wood they are then targets of woodpeckers. Woodpeckers love to eat these bees, and when they find a nest they often attack it vigorously, causing major damage to the wood on your home.

We have developed a technique that will remove, repair, and attempt to prevent future damage. We stuff the bees' nests with steel wool that they cannot digest, so that they hopefully will be thwarted if they attempt to start the process again. 


High Access

We have developed a technique that is very unique, when it comes to accessing your gutters and roof. We access these high areas using safety gear very similar to what is used in rock climbing. It is a counter balance system that keeps us very safe. If terrain is extremely steep, with the highest point requiring more than a 60-foot ladder, we can still access it. This makes us prime candidates for the most difficult jobs, actually performing them with ease. 

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What are some other services you have provided over the years?

We have been a leader in the water management business in the Asheville area for a long time. We sometimes step outside of our business model on a case-by-case basis, but we never take on work outside of our skill sets. We have silver-sealed warehouses, flat roofs, and built-in gutters. Thanks to our drainage expertise, we are able to install gravity-fed rainwater barrels and re-grade landscaping to allow for positive water flow away from the home.  We also perform window cleaning and pressure washing, remove ivy from the home if accessible, and even change high light bulbs upon request.