Home Inspections

Higher Ground 21 Point Inspection

The 21 Point Inspection is a reporting program that our workers use to check the entire roof, gutters, and drainage area for potential issues. With every purchase of a gutter cleaning, our Home Services crew will do a full inspection and provide details to the homeowner where applicable. Examples of specific areas we address are fascia, soffit, shingles, roof boots, sealant, pitch of gutter, drainline location and condition, and downspouts.

Roof Tune-Up

Our roof tune-up is for people who have a leak or concern on the roof. We use the same reporting practice that we do with a gutter cleaning, performing a 21 point inspection to determine what might be causing the leak. This generally includes the use of sealant and/or small shingle repair, such as pushing one to two shingles back up and nailing them in, sealing nail heads if spotted. It also allows us to provide details on further work needed like gaskets (roof boots) or gutter cleaning. 

Drainage Assessment

We utilize our years of expertise to identify potential drainage issues, along with visual verification methods such as hose work, gutter cleaning, land surveying, and snaking. In some cases, we can go ahead and fix the issue while performing our assessment. Either way you can expect a detailed estimate, with any applicable fees potentially reduced should you decide to proceed with the work.