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Catch Basins

Catch Basins are used to collect surface water; they are, in essence, chambers placed underground near areas of standing water that help to drain the water. Water and solid particles enter the top of the basin through a grate. Once the water reaches a certain level it flows through the outlet trap into to piping away from your landscaping. We use a 12'x 12' (or even larger) catch basin made of polyethylene. We can also make custom basins from concrete or brick in different sizes. 



Channel Drains

Also known as trench drains, channel drains use a dominant trough or channel-shaped body that is used to rapidly evacuate surface water. Much like gutters, the channels sit above ground and allow water to be caught and move at a quicker pace away from your home or business. They are normally built parallel to the threshold of a door or garage door to prevent water from entering the home.


Dry Creek Bed 3.jpg

Dry Creek Stone Swale

Swales are used for channeling surface water flow, the swale slows down water with a positive drainage pitch, spreads it out, and allows it to sink into your soil. A dry creek stone swale is lined with our geotextile fabric and stapled to the earth using sod staples; then round stones are used to create an aesthetically pleasing solution that mimics the look of a creek bed. The stones disperse the energy of water and slow down the rate of dispersion.