“Spring” Into Action With Our Home Maintenance Tips

Happy Spring! We don't know about you, but here at Higher Ground Rainwater Systems of Asheville we are enjoying these warmer temperatures and extra daylight. Something about this time of year gives us a sense of new beginnings and a yearning to roll up our sleeves and get things done, so what better time of year could there be to do some spring maintenance around your home? After all, you've undoubtedly heard of spring cleaning, but have you ever thought about all the other things that you can do to "spark joy" around your home this season, to make sure everything is in order and functioning as it should? 

You know by now that we are the experts at Gutter Installation and Gutter Maintenance, along with Rainwater Conservation and Management, but we can also offer advice for a host of other household springtime chores, ones that we feel are crucial this time of year in order to maintain your number one investment - your home. Let's explore some of the non-gutter related work that you really should look into doing as we enter this season, some of which we can personally help with!


Gutter Cleaning

Obviously, you're planning to either clean out your gutters or get on our spring Gutter Cleaning calendar, right? While many people remember to maintain their gutters during the fall, thanks to the sight of all the leaves clogging things up, many homeowners find that they require a Gutter Cleaning during spring as well. During this time of year, we often find an abundance of tree pollen and seeds and seed husks, some of them commonly known as helicopters. These smaller materials can even make their way under Gutter Guards and begin to break down into a material that can be difficult to remove, especially during a very rainy season. They also sometimes don't blow away as easily as fall leaves. 



This is also a great time of year to assess the condition of your roof. Obviously there comes a time during the life of every home where a roof probably needs replacing. But if you can try to take care of small issues on your roof before they lead to larger issues, you will likely save money in the long run. For instance, missing shingles can not only look unattractive, but they can lead to leaks when inclement weather strikes. You also might find nails that need to be hammered back down - another potential source of leaks. Flashing around chimneys, as well as vent boots, can often need resealing or replacement. These are minor repairs compared to a total roof replacement, and we are often able to help with some of them ourselves. We find that roofing companies can sometimes charge a hefty fee simply to assess these types of issues, and we are happy to take a look while we're already up on the roof for your Gutter Cleaning - if we can't help with the problem, we'll let you know right away so that you can find the help you need!



Allergies aside (we hear you), most homeowners know the joy in opening their windows when beautiful spring weather hits. This can help improve the air quality inside your home and simply improve your mood, not to mention the mood of your indoor pets as they get to hear and sniff the outside world, perhaps for the first time in months. But this is also the best time to inspect your windows for issues. Make sure and fill any cracks and caulk any edges that need it, as well as checking for holes in screens - it doesn't take much of a hole for pests to find their way in. Patch or replace screens as needed, and be sure to check window hardware to make sure they function properly. And, as this is spring cleaning time - clean those things! Or Call Us, as this is a service we also specialize in, our professional Window Washing team can get the job done in half the time of a homeowner and your windows have never looked this good!. Make sure that your family (both human and otherwise) can enjoy the view.


Lawn & Garden

As things start growing again, this does mean lawn and garden maintenance is inevitable. Use this time to do some pruning of bushes and shrubs, trimming back overgrowth from walkways, structures, and windows. This overgrowth is not only unsightly but can cause issues with your paint, create safety hazards - the list goes on. Though you may not need to use it much during this rainiest of seasons, make sure and check your sprinkler system to make sure it is functioning properly and has no leaky spots. You'll want to fix any potential issues before you need it in the drier heat of summer. And while you're doing your spring planting, make sure you have cover at the ready in case of a "blackberry winter" causing any cold snaps this spring - it would be terrible to have a random frost destroy all your hard work! Be sure to also do a walk-around to make sure your paths and walkways, also called hardscaping, are not cracked or damaged from the repetitive freezing and thawing that winter can cause. 


Decks & Patios

After all that work in the garden, you might be tempted to sit and gaze at all that beautiful green handiwork. But how can you be comfortable if you're sitting on a filthy deck, on furniture that is covered in pollen? That's right, as we prepare to enter grilling season (praise hands!) you must make sure your decks and patios are in good shape and ready for action, be it with parties or simply you and a good book. Decks can often be Pressure Washed to remove pollen and other material (we do this!), and you also want to check for loose boards, steps and other things that could potentially cause harm. Don't forget to give your patio furniture a good cleaning as well.


Interior Maintenance

In addition to good old fashioned spring cleaning, there are definitely some areas inside your home that are good to assess for needed maintenance this time of year. Make sure and thoroughly check both your attic and basement for any holes or leaks, as well as cracks in concrete walls. These rooms can already be prone to dampness, and any leaks will only make the situation worse, leading to mold and/or mildew that can potentially be very harmful for your family. Be sure to also check for any evidence of infestation of critters that may have found your home quite comfortable over the winter months. Other good things to service around this time of year include your garbage disposal, your smoke detector(s), and your fire extinguishers.

Click here for a printable checklist of these maintenance items, and protect your greatest investment today!

Be Proactive

When it comes to home maintenance, here at Higher Ground Rainwater Systems of Asheville we always encourage you to be as proactive as possible. A clean, safe home is a happy home, and we are ready to assist you in any way that we can.  

For more information, feel free to email us at contact@hgrainwater.com