Snow Brakes



What are Snow Brakes?

A Snow Brake is a device used to retain snow and ice from falling from one surface to a lower one. There are many advantages to having a metal roof however unlike shingle roofs, metal roofs have smooth surfaces that do not provide any resistance to keep snow from abruptly sliding off. In this case snow build-up can suddenly break loose in a massive slide that can cause damage to gutters, patio furniture, air conditioners, vehicles or cause bodily harm. If you have a metal roof, Snow Brakes are a must have!


What damage can occur if your home is left unprotected?

As a gutter installation company we know that maintaining the quality of your gutter is important not only for the longevity of your gutter but to also maintain proper rainwater flow through the gutter system. Snow releasing from from the roof will bend and compromise your rainwater flow as well and permanently damage the gutter, in some cases the gutter can be ripped off the home entirely leaving you with a very costly replacement.

Take a look at some of the damage we have seen that could have been prevented with Snow Brakes:

Why get Snow Brakes?

  • Snow Brakes should be installed on metal roofing as a preventative measure taken to minimize the risk of damage created from snow sliding off the roof.

  • Without Snow Brakes you may be leaving your family in jeopardy!

What types of Snow Brakes do you offer?

The type of Snow Brake our estimator will recommend depends on the type of metal roofing installed on your home. Snow Brakes are installed with a specific quantity and pattern based on the shape, size and pitch of the roof to provide the most uniform system of snow retention possible.

Braced Bar-Style Snow Brake

Primarily used on standing seam metal roofs, the Braced Bar-Style Snow Brake fasten onto the seam of the roof as to not penetrate the waterproof barrier these roof systems supply.

Continuous Bar-Style Snow Brake

The Continuous Bar-Style Snow Brake is a very strong snow retention system used on steeper roofs and on roofs where even small releases of snow could damage property or cause harm. This system is fastened through the roof surface to the underlying roof sheathing or framing structure providing advanced durability.

Mounted Butterfly-Style Brake

These Snow Brakes are individual devices attached to the roof in a pattern designed to add friction to hold ice and snow in place. We install Mounted Butterfly-Style Brake on corrugated and traditional metal roofing.