What Drainage Systems do we offer?

Don't know what type of drain you need? Don't worry. Our team of experts can guide you through everything and make sure you find what’s right for you. And you can rest easy knowing that we use high-quality materials, from our PVC pipes to our heavy duty geotextile fabric, ensuring that our projects are durable and reliable every time. 



PVC Downspout Drainline

The most commonly used drainline simply moves the water from your roof away from your home. This type of drain line attaches the pipe directly to your downspout and carries the water away from your foundation. 


French Drains

French Drains are part of a subsurface drain system that intersects ground water to keep it from going anywhere. We use PVC pipes surrounded by gravel that are then wrapped in filter fabric to keep out mud and other particles. French drains direct water to a drain instead of dispersing water onto the lawn. These are backfilled to about 6 inches from the finished grate, so that the drain itself is not visible.

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Decorative Solutions

At Higher Ground we want our customers to take pride in the choices they make. We offer many different styles and solutions to your drainage problems so that you don't have to compromise the look of your landscape to keep your house safe.