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Why treat for carpenter bees and woodpeckers?

Carpenter bees and woodpeckers can damage your home in a way that sometimes causes cosmetic concerns, but they also potentially can cause real damage. Carpenter bees can bore small holes into fascia, soffit, and sometimes siding, and once they have nested in the wood they are then targets of woodpeckers. Woodpeckers love to eat these bees, and when they find a nest they often attack it vigorously, causing major damage to the wood on your home.

We have developed a technique that will remove, repair, and attempt to prevent future damage. We stuff the bees' nests with steel wool that they cannot digest, so that they hopefully will be thwarted if they attempt to start the process again. 


High Access

We have developed a technique that is very unique, when it comes to accessing your gutters and roof. We access these high areas using safety gear very similar to what is used in rock climbing. It is a counter balance system that keeps us very safe. If terrain is extremely steep, with the highest point requiring more than a 60-foot ladder, we can still access it. This makes us prime candidates for the most difficult jobs, actually performing them with ease. 


What are some other services you have provided over the years?

We have been a leader in the water management business in the Asheville area for a long time. We sometimes step outside of our business model on a case-by-case basis, but we never take on work outside of our skill sets. We have silver-sealed warehouses, flat roofs, and built-in gutters. Thanks to our drainage expertise, we are able to install gravity-fed rainwater barrels and re-grade landscaping to allow for positive water flow away from the home.  We also perform window cleaning and pressure washing, remove ivy from the home if accessible, and even change high light bulbs upon request.